We work hard to make
your life easier

Atlassian tools are great but not perfect. We strive to fill gaps,
add missing features to JIRA and Confluence, and make
customers happy.

Recurring Tasks

JIRA Cloud

Recurring Tasks plugin allows to schedule and create issues automatically.

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Automated Log Work

JIRA Server, JIRA Cloud

Automated Log Work allows to track time seamlessly in JIRA and JIRA Agile.

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Default Values

JIRA Server

Default Values plugin allows to automatically inject predefined values into fields.

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Hide Time Tracking

JIRA Server, Data Center

Hide Time Tracking plugin allows to hide time tracking information in JIRA UI

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Team Worklog Reports

JIRA Cloud

Fast and easy worklog reports for your team.

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Text Highlighter

Confluence Server

Text Highlighter plugin allows to easily highlight selected text on a Confluence page.

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